Final Preparations with the Olympic Dressage Team

Editor’s note: With Peggy and Parry Thomas’ Brentina, Debbie McDonald has represented the U.S. at Olympic Games, World Championships and a Pan American Games. In 2009, the pair became the first American combination to win the World Cup Dressage Final. Debbie now trains Adrienne Lyle, who will represent the U.S. as an individual at the 2012 Olympic Games.
Debbie McDonald. © Nancy Jaffer



July 21, 2012 — Hello everyone!

Just a quick update and sorry it has been a few days. We have managed to blow a fuse on our adapter that charges our computers and phones! Not that we have great service anyway but for sure not without equipment!
The weather has not been great and getting really tired of the wet and cold, the only thing about it is the horses seem to love it. They say that it should get better next week but I don’t think they really know what they are talking about .
I am sure you all have heard by now that because of the weather we did not go to Hickstead, it just wasn’t worth the risk at this point. So we are having some mock shows here, braiding and show clothes warming up in a different arena. It is great and getting everyone in the right frame of mind for what is to come.
Steffen continues to do his boot camp and everyone that is participating is making progress. If nothing else I laugh at myself and realize how out of shape I have become! Betsy Juliano flew in today and how great to see her again, really miss our Florida family!
The time will go by pretty fast now, we train for a couple more days and then Monday the grooms and riders go to Team Processing. This is where they will get credentials and all the fun stuff. Julie and I are on barn duty for the afternoon, I think we both have done this barn stuff enough in our lives that we can handle a day on our own. We promise to pamper them and take good care! They will come back and train Tues – Thurs  then off to the opening ceremonies!! The few of us left here will watch it at a local pub and hope to see them on TV.
So, as you can see it is coming up fast. Honestly, I think they are all itching to get in the ring! I will do my best to write one more time before we leave for the Venue. Thank you all again for your support, without you as friends, family, sponsors, clients or fans it just isn’t the same!

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