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Homegrown In The West: Adrienne Lyle’s Hard Work And Dedication Helps Her Rise To The Top

Hailey, ID (June 1, 2012)– Premier Equestrian, LLC, a leading supplier of dressage arenas, horse jumps, arena footing and stable accessories, is proud to announce they are sponsoring dressage star and Olympic hopeful Adrienne Lyle. Riding Wizard, owned by Parry and Peggy Thomas of River Grove Farm in Hailey, Idaho, Lyle took the 2012 winter dressage circuit by storm in South Florida, riding away with win after win, including placing first in the Grand Prix Special with a 73.2% at the CDI World Dressage Masters and firsts in the Grand Prix at the CDI 5* West Palm Beach, scoring a 73% in the Grand Prix and a 77.7% in the Grand Prix Freestyle.

Olympian Guenter Seidel Goes Above And Beyond To Win Premier Sportsmanship Award At Del Mar National Horse Show“We are very excited to be a part of this amazing story unfolding for Adrienne; she is incredible and so is Wizard,” said Heidi Zorn, President of Premier Equestrian. “It’s a natural union for us to partner with Adrienne. Our partnership is especially gratifying because Premier is based in the Western states and has a great interest in promoting and supporting the dressage community.”

In 2008, Lyle and Wizard, a 1999 Oldenburg gelding, set the stage for their future success when they won the Brentina Cup Championship at the USEF National Championships. “The Brentina Cup is named after the Thomas’s horse Brentina, who was ridden by Olympian Debbie McDonald. Premier developed a Brentina dressage arena that Debbie endorses,” Zorn said. “It’s a small world because Adrienne came to the Thomas farm to be a working student for Debbie and Debbie has been Adrienne’s trainer throughout all of her success.”

Zorn added that she has known Debbie McDonald and her husband Bob for over 35 years. “They have been part of our local showing group. With the addition of Adrienne, our ‘out west’ family continues to get worldwide recognition.”

While Lyle and Wizard have spent their fair share of time in the winner’s circle and are poised to be American champions, Zorn said Lyle is far more than just a great dressage rider. “I am so impressed with this young woman. Adrienne inspires me and gives me hope about the next generation of young Americans. Adrienne is hard working, educated, enthusiastic and accomplished. She makes me proud to support our youth and promote our Made in America campaign. Her coach Debbie McDonald is a two time Olympian, Pan Am double Gold medalist and is also the USEF team developing coach. Debbie has a reputation for inspiring, and empowering young riders and woman to great heights and Adrienne is making this statement true.”

Lyle said she is proud to be following in the footsteps of McDonald, as well as trainer Klaus Balkenhol in Germany, learning their classical training philosophies. “We are so pleased to be part of Adrienne’s team. Knowing that she has put so much hard work into her career is amazing. She didn’t start at the top, but she will certainly end up there. She is an additional inspiration to young riders out there because Adrienne didn’t grow up in a top show family, but has still succeed due to her dedication and work ethic, “ Zorn said. “If Adrienne can do it, so can other riders.”

While Lyle and Wizard have a magical partnership and Lyle looks like she has always been part of a top team, her riding life started out far different. “I was born and raised on a small cattle farm on Whidbey Island, Washington. Horses have been in my life ever since I was a little kid, and they have always been my passion and my calling in life. I started out riding western as a young kid, then joined our local chapter of the United States Pony Club and competed in eventing for several years before falling in love with dressage,” Lyle said. “Knowing I wanted to become a horse trainer, I attended Washington State University to study business management and veterinary medicine.

During the summer of 2005, Lyle arrived at the Thomas’s River Grove Farm in Idaho. “I started off as a working student, cleaning tack and grooming horses in exchange for lessons on my horse. Soon this position grew into a full time job, as part of the River Grove Farm team,” she said. “I truly believe I have the best job in the world, and I am eternally grateful for all of the support I’ve received over the years. I will always be happy as long as I continue to do what I love, working with these magnificent animals.”

Now a top United States competitor, Lyle is equally thrilled to be part of the Premier family. “Adrienne is certainly one of the younger dressage riders in America to have had this much success, and we look forward to supporting her as she continues in her career,” Zorn said. “All I can say is, Premier is proud to partner with Adrienne!”

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Photo: Proud To Partner With Adrienne Lyle: Premier Equestrian, LLC, a leading supplier of dressage arenas, horse jumps, arena footing and stable accessories, is proud to announce they are sponsoring dressage star and Olympic hopeful Adrienne Lyle. (Photo courtesy of Patti Newton Photography )