Americans Win 2 Wellington CDI Events–Adrienne Lyle & Wizard CDI4* Special, Michael Barisone & Ellegria CDI3*


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WELLINGTON, Florida, Feb. 8, 2014–Adrienne Lyle showed that her Olympic partner Wizard was back in top form in winning the Adequan Global Dressage Festival Grand Prix Special Saturday and declared the horse ready to seek to qualify for the World Cup Final.

Adrienne of Hailey, Idaho and Wizard scored 70.353 per cent for the win over Canada’s young star Megan Lane on Caravella with 69.922 per cent for second and Eliane Cordia van Reesema of Rowayton, Connecticut on Jewel’s Adelante in third on 67.314 per cent.

It was the second Special of the day–a CDI3* earlier Saturday was won by Michael Barisone of Long Valley, New Jersey and Ellegria, with 68.373 per cent, Katherine Bateson-Chandler of Wellington and Wellnetta were second on 67.588 per cent and fellow American Shawna Harding and Come On III third on 66.000 per cent.

In the CDI4*Special, Adrienne said she was “incredibly happy except the rider totally blew the changes.”

Wizarrd, a 15-year-old Oldenburg gelding, was “in a better place” than before an injury knocked him out of commission for most of 2013.

“He is getting much more consistent and reliable in the ring,” Adrienne said, “and he’s physically stronger.”

She plans to compete the horse in both World Cup qualifying events later in this Florida winter circuit and if she is invited as one of two combinatons from the North American League will go to the Final in Lyon, France in mid-April.

Michael Barisone and Ellegria on their way to victory in the CDI3* Grand Prix Special. © 2014 Ken Braddick/

Michael Barisone and Ellegria on their way to victory in the CDI3* Grand Prix Special. © 2014 Ken Braddick/

Michael Barisone of Long Valley, New Jersey and Ellegria, a 13-year-old Westfalen mare, won the CDI3* Grand Prix Special in their fifth start at international Grand Prix since he was given the horse a year ago to prepare for sale.

Michael and Ellegria, the second American combination to win a Grand Prix class in three weeks of CDIs, scored 68.373 per cent with Katherine Bateson-Chandler of Wellington and Wellnetta second on 67.588 per cent and fellow American Shawna Harding and Come On III in third on 66.000 per cent.

Ellegria was the center of attention in the Grand Prix two days earlier when she became the first horse in which a revised “blood” rule for horses in competition was applied.

The horse nicked herself and blood was reported on the left foreleg by the steward checking equipment after the ride. The FEI veterinarian checked the leg and determined the blood was not caused by the rider or equipment and that there was no pain so the horse was not eliminated.

Everybody involved in the procedure, he said, “did it perfectly.”

Michael, who was reserve on the United States team at the 2008 Olympics, said he is considering options such as attempting to create a syndicate to buy the horse for him to make a bid for the American team for the World Equestrian Games.

In Saturday’s CDI4* Special, though, Devon Kane of Wellington and Destiny were eliminated when blood was visible on the horse’s mouth. Katrina Wüst of Germany, the judge at C, stopped the ride and spent several minutes inspecting the horse’s mouth. An examination later showed a hairline cut on the inside of the mouth that most likely was caused by the horse hitting his mouth on a water bucket.

And in an application of a rule to control access of veterinarians and other treatment specialists to the FEI stabling, one rider received a “Yellow Card” when a physiotherapist checked at the show office but did not wait for permission from the FEI veterinarian before going into the stables designated for the FEI competition.

The card was issued to the rider as the “Person Responsible.” The significance of a Yellow Card s that two Yellow Cards received within a period of one year leads to suspension of the rider for six months.

There is no distinction in the degree of the offense that triggers a Yellow Card–whether it is for a minor bureaucratic infraction or for mistreatment of a horse.


CDI4* Grand Prix Special
E: Fore – USA H: Judet – FRA C: Wuest – GER M: Rockwell – USA B: Alonso – MEX
Rider/Nation Horse/Breed/Sex/BirthYear/Sre/Damsire E H C M B T Pl.
Lyle, Adrienne USA Wizard- OLD/G/1999/Weltmeyer/Classiker
69.706 73.922 70.294 68.627 69.216 70.353 1
Lane, MeganCAN Caravella – KWPN/M/2001/Contango/Riverman 70.000 70.098 70.882 69.902 68.725 69.922 2
Cordia-van Reesema, ElianeUSA Jewel’s Adelante – SWB/G/2000/Schufro/Phaeton 68.137 66.667 67.157 68.039 66.569 67.314 3
Dvorak, Tom CAN Viva’s Salieri W- Hann/S/2001/Viva Voltaire
66.373 68.824 64.412 66.275 66.471 66.471 4
Vaughan, JoanneGEO Elmegarden’s Marquis – DWB/G/1999/Michellino/Lucky Light 66.176 66.176 67.255 64.902 66.863 66.275 5
Wilcox, Lisa USA Denzello – Hann/G/2003/De Niro/Rodhiamant SCR
Kane, DevonUSA Destiny- DWB/G/2003/Diamond Hit
CDI3* Grand Prix Special
E: Almasy – FRA H: Alonso – MEX C: Judet – FRA M: MacDonald – CAN B: Wuest – GER
Rider/Nation Horse/Sex/BirthYear/Sire/DamSire E H C M B T Pl.
Barisone, Michael USA Ellegria – WEST/M/2001/
69.706 68.627 68.431 67.647 67.451 68.373 1
Bateson Chandler, KathrineUSA Wellnetta – KWPN/M/2003/Hexagon’s Louisville 68.627 68.039 65.882 68.627 66.765 67.588 2
Harding, ShawnaUSA Come On III – DWB//G/1999/Come Back II/Lantaan 68.039 65.098 65.392 64.412 67.059 66.000 3
Irving, Jill CAN Degas 12- Hann/G/2002/De Niro/Regazonni
63.333 64.510 64.118 64.020 66.667 64.529 4
Watkins, Anna Whit USA Cipriani- West/G/2002/Casparino/Rabino
64.510 62.059 65.392 62.059 60.882 62.980 5
Strasser, Evi CAN Renaissance Tyme- OLD/G/2003/Royal Diamant
60.098 63.039 62.157 61.667 60.000 61.392 6